Wide Beams

A Wide beam, as per its name, is a wider vessel, usually between 10ft and 12ft. Shapes and sizes can differ, but one thing remains certain: liveable space.

The Galaxy Range

The Galaxy is built to be incredibly comfortable and easy to live on.

Galaxies are commonly used as residencies.

Given their size they can easily be classified as “small” floating homes, with enough comfort and all the amenities that a regular flat can offer.

The Homestead

A new style of boats that is 57ft x 10ft and is still a qualifying ship for 0 rated VAT*!

HOMESTEAD is specifically designed to give you enough space for a Liveaboard even at smaller sizes than the regular 60ft x 12ft.

The roof is a completely walkable deck with the safety railings that can be pulled out when cruising under bridges.