“To manufacture the best boats you can buy we don’t use magic. It’s all down to hard work, passion, experience, and confidence.

We build homes, not just boats.”

Who We Are - Boat builders VS retailers

We are a team of master craftsman; experts who take great pride in building boats that will change peoples lives. Because we are builders we can design and manufacture a boat to fit any specification/requirement/dream! We can also customise existing stock boats to better suit the needs of its new owners. Indeed, we have an onsite and online chandlery as well as in-house furniture manufacture to cater through to the finishing touches.

+ Our Mission

is to introduce more people to freedom of travelling along the beautiful rivers & canals of Britain and Europe, whilst offering the ultimate built-in comfort and luxury.

The only limit is your imagination

You decide what goes where. Would you like a high-level oven in your galley? We can do it. Would you prefer a bath tub in the bathroom? Let’s make that happen. Living aboard has never been easier.

Working on 3D designs, you can plan and apply changes with ease on the screen before production starts, you can see exactly what you are paying for.

We manufacture our own furniture, which gives you a massive choice in terms of colours, materials, and finishes and you can be sure they will fit perfectly in your boat.

+ After care

Our customers have direct access to expert advice from our designers, who with your input can customise and design your boat from the very beginning.

Mix and match a few key options to find your dream boat!

Cleaner Energy Source for your boat.

As boaters ourselves, we are more than aware of how important it is to move about life in a more sustainable way. We all know that life on the cut is all about more freedom and less stress, but this has no meaning if we are putting dangerous substances in the Eco-system that we want to live in.


We have made the conscious decision to do something about it and being finally able to offer a wide range of fully electric or hybrid system for your boats.


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Electric Motors

+ Why Buy Electric?

LMC Motor systems provide you with a huge array of benefits, that owners of traditional propulsion systems can only dream about.

+ Comfort

  • Low Vibration
  • Ultra Quiet operation
  • Simple Operation
  • No smell of burning fossil fuels

+ Environmentally Friendly

  • No air or water pollution from fossil fuels
  • No need for an exhaust system like on diesel or petrol motors
  • No fuel tanks or related hoses
  • No coolant requirement
  • No fuel oil or filters
  • Virtually Emission Free
  • Clean Engine Room

+ Costs

  • Low Cruising costs
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Low Installation Costs
  • No warm-up time required
  • No need for winterizing the motor or spring commission
  • Long Service intervals

+ Technically Superior

  • High torque at all times, assuring better control at the helm
  • High torque, providing possibility to increase prop efficiency
  • High efficiency providing longer motoring time – Motor Efficiencies of up to 94%
  • Source for additional electrical power for on-board needs
  • Simple Installation
  • Compact Space Saving
  • Reliable Technology – over 20 years of Experience

+ Design & Installation

An LMC Propulsion System can be configured for your boat by simply forwarding to us information regarding your boat.

Interested in an Electric Motor from Lynch?


Hybrid & Electric propulsion

+ Why Buy Hybrid?

Fischer Panda offers a range of power solutions tailored specifically for narrow boats.

+ Quiet operation

Fischer Panda generators are fitted inside a sound shield capsule. This reduces operating sound to a minimum.

+ Independence from shore power:

With a generator onboard, you will have sufficient power available wherever you are. You will no longer have to seek a mooring with electrcial connection just to operate domestic consumers. Fischer Panda’s slogan is “Power - wherever you are”

+ Reduce unnecessary wear to main engine

An alternator attached to the main engine is limited to the amount of power it can supply. This has the additional disadvantage that the main engine will also run with a light load when moored. A suitably sized Fischer Panda generator can be installed to optimally meet a narrowboat’s domestic power requirements.

+ More safety onboard

The extremely clean sine wave and voltage tolerance make these generators ideal for powering induction cookers and microwave ovens. A gas stove is not required.

+ Compact Design

The compact Fischer Panda PVM generators are similar to the vehicle versions. To reduce both dimensions and weight to a minimum, the internal silencer is removed. These generators have a single circuit cooling system that is designed to be installed within the narrowboat‘s keel-cooling or cooling pipe system.

+ Simpler Installation

The dry exhaust system requires minimal installation. A suitable lagged exhaust ensures that hot exhaust gases are contained. The hull does not require modifying for additional water inlets, strainers, and cooling pumps etc. A further advantage over a wet exhaust system is that the chimney can be set high above the boat where exhaust gasses cannot be blown below deck.

+ Complete systems

Fischer Panda also provides 48 V “EasyBox” electric drive systems. The combination of drive system, Fischer Panda generator, and power system components provides you with a highly efficient complete onboard solution allowing new design possibilites.

Interested in a Fisher Panda Hybrid motor?

+ What we offer

Our Narrow boats, Wide Beams & Barges are built to order and for sale from stock. They come supplied with official RCD (Recreational Craft Directives) documentation ensuring suitability for sale and use in UK and Europe. We build them according to the safety guidelines as supplied by the British Marine Federation.

Designed to maximise control, safety, and manoeuvrability our boats are easily handled by all, from the unexperienced with just a little training, to the fully experienced boater.

Our standards start at the top. With a powerful Vetus engine (guaranteed 5 years), backed by Vetus running gear (guaranteed 3 years) at the very heart, and a well-designed hull that cuts through the water.

+ Guarantee

We offer 3 years guarantee on our own exterior paintwork, 1 year guarantee on all timber products & internal fit-out.

Up to 17 years guarantee on selected partners’ products.

All other equipment is supplied with the standard manufacturer’s guarantee.

Our hulls are professionally sand blasted first and sprayed with epoxy primer. We then apply two coats of two pack, high build primer above the water line. Finally, we add two pack gloss top coat to give you the ultimate protection with a long-lasting shine.

Below the water line we apply two coats of pitch epoxy, which we estimate will increase the haul-out and blacking periods by at least two to three years. Your boat will be supplied and fitted with sacrificial anodes.

Taking care of your boat

We have the equipment on site to take care of your boat. From heavy lifting equipment to load and launch your boat here at the beautiful Redhill Marina, to the heated workshop that ensure your boat is manufactured and cared for in the best possible environment.

+ We understand your needs

Our technicians have more than forty years of boat building and living aboard experience. An important asset for us because it mirrors our passion in showcasing how wonderful life could be, aboard one of our boats.

We always remind ourselves what it means to be a boater and what we would want from a boat. This creates a bridge of trust between our customers and ourselves.

You really like our boats and the way we work, but you feel your budget may not allow you to fulfil your dreams?

Ask us about finance opportunities. We will direct you towards your best options that suit your budget.

+ What can you expect

Our boats are ready to launch, supplied with diesel in the tank, gas, soft furnishings and cruising kit.

For your peace of mind, we include a hand-over. We will accompany you on your maiden voyage, providing you with simple and understandable information on how to steer your boat and use its equipment.

Our beautiful boats are reliable, practical, safe, and user-friendly for both new and experienced boaters.

The investment we made in the latest technology, allowed us to offer a level of craftsmanship that is unique in the industry.
We only use high-end materials and equipment to make sure we deliver the boat of your dreams. A testament to the care we take when working for you.

Buying a boat is such an important decision, just as important as choosing who builds it for you. We are not just boat builders, we are boaters too.

Let us impress you with what living on a boat can truly feel like
— Les Robinson, MD


Steel Selection

All our hulls are made from a high quality structural steel chosen for its ability to be welded and its ductility. It is a low carbon steel with small alloying additions to get the strength required. It is an ideal material for building boats. The base plates are 10mm, hull sides at 6mm and cabins at 5mm.

+ Paintwork Preparation

After shot blasting, your hull passes into our dedicated heated paint shop. Here your hull will be faired, sanded, and prepped by our expert team of technicians. The shop temperature is automatically controlled. This allows us to paint boats in a dry, temperature-controlled environment, avoiding any risk of condensation and or frost that would affect the paint and the materials.

+ Shot Blast Bare Metal Hull

Every one of our hulls is put through a shot blasting process before paintwork preparation begins. This process vastly improves the adherance of the paint, translating into a better paint finish that lasts a lot longer. Makes you boat look even better for longer



Powered by a Vetus engine you can rely on. Quiet and smooth in operation, it will give you years of trouble free boating pleasure.

+ Equipment

The equipment onboard carefully selected from the Vetus range. Here at Nottingham Boat Co we love Vetus equipment. It is of exceptional quality with a global dedicated network of Vetus dealers on hand to support you if you ever run into trouble.

+ Internal Flooring

Nothing but the best, your boat will feature karndean flooring throughout. It forms a waterproof flooring that is both flexible and hard-wearing. Ideal for life onboard a boat.

It’s a Journey

At Nottingham Boat Co we build new boats that can suit everybody’s needs, at all different levels of fit-out. And it has never been easier!

Thanks to our amazing designing team you can order anything from a DIY Steel Boat Kit that you can weld yourself, to a fully constructed steel shell at different levels of completion to suit your requirements. From a Shell to a Sailaway basic, Sailaway +, up to and including our fantastic Premier bespoke full fit-out.

It’s a journey to building you the boat of your dreams, and you have the option to stop at any point that best suits your situation.

Tell us about yourself and your boat


We love to talk about boats and we are always more than happy to welcome you into our showroom where we can have a first discussion about what you are looking for in your dream boat.

The Next step

Tell us about the layout you envisioned for your boat. Which rooms do you need and where would you like your windows?

We will easily create a 2D floor plan that shows you a basic plan according to your requests.

image is for representational purposes only

image is for representational purposes only

We wish to give you as much support as needed to get you the boat that you want.

If you have no idea where to start, don’t worry we will make sure your plan won’t fall into structural issues or common designing mistakes. We can advise you on what is going to be best for you according to your needs.

Always remember we are boaters like you.