A Sailaway is a DIY Project

At Sailaways.net you can find everything you need to buy your new Sailaway. An amazing range of new Sailaway craft for anything you have in mind. Furthermore, we peovide you with the systems necessary to make your boat function: equipment, boat furniture & tools, guides, and support.

Sailaways.net is part of the Nottingham Boat Co family, branching out to serve customers who wish to take on a DIY project for their boat, and it is also a very cost efficient way of owning a boat!

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Steel Boat Kits

If you have ever wished to take on the project of building your dream boat from the very ground up, this is the perfect opportunity. Start with a Steel Boat Kit.


What: Our steel boat kits are designed by our own qualified experienced staff, using the very latest 3D CAD technology.

This ensures, that every part is professionally and accurately cut using the latest C.N.C. steel cutting equipment before it’s delivered to your address.

How: We make sure all the parts are numbered, cut to tolerance and ready for delivery. A big part of the prep work is already done, ready for you to start the build.

By following our detailed instructions, your boat will start to take shape from the base plate up, adding one part at a time.


Because of this you will benefit from more efficiency overall the building process.

Built your very own Jupiter Barge. See plans examples below.


Why NBC: We have years of experience in the boating industry.

With expert CAD designers directly involved every day in the business, designing shells and full interior fit-outs.

This overall boat building experience will help you save hundreds of hours completing your boat.


A huge amount of work has been put into this kit, every single part has been cut to the correct size and shape and matches its neighbour part exactly, meaning you can start from the baseplate up, one part at a time giving you a huge advantage when purchasing a steel boat kit from Nottingham Boat Co.


After you have finished your shell

Our well stocked Chandlery can supply all the equipment and materials you need to complete the build and fit-out of your boat. We also manufacture flat pack furniture and assemble systems that can be fitted directly into our self-build shells.

We also offer a 5% discount to customer that purchase our shell kits.



Intrigued yet?

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