At Nottingham Boat Company We strive to manufacture the highest quality, bespoke boats that will fulfil your wildest dreams, whether it is to live aboard or to sail away on holiday.

Narrowboats have a slick profile and that traditional, nostalgic look that never tires. Because of their traditional width of 6ft10”, you can navigate every bit of the canals network without missing any of the beautiful panoramas that the UK has to offer.

Widebeams are commonly used as residencies. Given their size they can easily be classified as “small” floating homes, with all the comfort and amenities that a regular flat can offer.

Many people who dream of living on the water are put off by the idea of giving up on space, luxury and comfort. On the contrary, a barge offers about the same square footage of the average UK home, though offers superior luxury living as well as freedom and ‘lifestyle’ for its owners.