A New Boat for the New Year: "Homestead"

We are incredibly excited to introduce our new boat "HOMESTEAD" the new Barge-style boat that is 57ft x 10ft and is still a qualifying ship for 0 rated VAT*!

If the available moorings around you are only for smaller boats, but you don’t want to end up paying VAT for your Liveaboard, then HOMESTEAD might be the answer for you.

HOMESTEAD is specifically designed to give you enough space for a Liveaboard even at smaller sizes than the regular 60ft x 12ft.

The roof is a completely walkable deck with the safety railings that can be pulled out when cruising under bridges.

Starting size: 57ft x 10ft

up to 72ft x 15ft.

Starting price: £109,999

0% VAT*

Make it fully residential by taking the engine out

starting price without engine: £97,490 0% VAT*

(*if liveaboard - prices are approx and dependent on final specs)

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