We have just received a new boat and we are very excited to show her off!!!! We can’t wait to start the fit out. Unless someone comes in first and sweeps her off our…hardstanding.

More details

  • 60ft x 12ft

  • Enclosed bow

  • Enclosed round stern with seating

  • Stern Tube

  • Stainless Steel Water Tank

  • She will be sandblasted and then re-painted and blacked to a higher quality standards.

If you make her yours in a week or so, you will be able to pick your own colours!

Soon we will start working to get her up and running, so stay tuned as we reveal more details of her fit-out. You also have the option to make her yours and decide how to fit her out.

Enjoy the sneak peak. If you wish to receiive more info about her, just send us a messaga.

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Worried about getting on the water in 2019?

In a period in time where we daily ask “what if…”, we want you to make the next step in your journey to get on the water, a confident one.

Want to order your new boat but not sure about placing the build slot deposit?

As we enter 2019, we face this period of uncertainty which can, in some cases, delay house sales. You may be confident your funds will free up but just not 100% sure it will happen on time. On the other hand, if you don’t make a commitment when you need to, you could find yourself without a boat when the time comes.

Or worse, what if you placed a deposit but your funds encounter a delay, or your house sale falls through? Do you risk losing your deposit? What to do next?

We can help you take the next step with confidence.

Our trusted Finance partners can organise the first stage payment to help you, after placing your initial build slot deposit. Or we will simply postpone your build slot, so you don’t lose the deposit on your boat. We start the build at a later date after the funds are with you.

Either way, you can move forward with confidence and support.

You can finance your purchase in a number of ways:


Known as a marine mortgage - you wouldn't buy a house without borrowing money. The difference here is that you are able to

part fund your first installment payment (usually 35%) with finance,

use it simply to secure the boat build whilst you are selling your home or freeing up cash,

there are no early payment penalties. As soon as the money come in, pay off the rest of the balance and say goodbye to the monthly mortgage payments and finally start living your new life in complete FREEDOM.

Follow this link HERE for more details.

Or give our partners a call - Tel: 44-1432-347-770

Equity release

(For aged 55 and over) Free up a sum of money from your current home in order to fund your new boat purchase. Learn more about Equity Release HERE

Jupiter Barge + Mooring

We know that you love our Jupiter Barge, who doesn’t?!

The difficult thing is, sometimes, finding a proper mooring fo such a majestic 70ft x 12ft vessel.

Look no further:

we are offering our Stupendous Jupiter Barge with the option of buying her with a lovely mooring here at Redhill Marina, at NO EXTRA COSTS.