Super Barge Update: We have a PLAN...

We have an initial internal layout for the Super Barge!

The en-suite bathroom is hidden by a mirrored door in the master bedroom’s wardrobe, and there is an extra shower room for your guest so they don;t have to enter YOUR bedroom and YOUR bathroom…EVER.

There is a kitchen island and plenty of space on deck. Not to mention the rest of the completely walk-on roof-deck.

The ideas keep flowing in our CAD office but we are also interested in hearing what do YOU think of our new, incredible project. Remeber, everything can be customised according to your preferences.

Super Barge UPDATE!!!

You have asked for internal shots and we have listened!! Follow the link to the interactive video. It works with VR headsets so why not look at this astounding new Barge as if you were there!

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Galaxy Lifestyle +

Fitted out with major upgrades but at an incredibly low cost!

Keep an eye out for new updates as we record the progress on this beautiful Wide Beam 60ft x 12ft.

As she gets lined, our technicians make sure the wiring loom is installed behind the panels. Plumbing is almost completely sorted too.

As you can see from the photos, the bulkheads for the bathroom are coming up as well.

The Super Barge - a new era.

Working with CAD and constantly trying to improve our work, we stumbled upon a whole new way of thinking about Barges. The Super Barge was the result. Setting herself apart from the traditional looking canal & river boats, the Super Barge wants to meet the elegance and comfortability of a Yacht with the outstanding atmosphere of UK canals and rivers.

More details COMING SOON!!