The Neptune Barge

“nautilus” Neptune

The Perfect Liveaboard

The Neptune is a thought out liveaboard barge, perfect for enjoying life at a relaxed pace. The sinuous curved forward cabin gives the master bedroom a distinctive charm, especially with the optional wooden panelling.

Round Stern

The round stern makes for a flowing look that never tires. Upgrade it with the optional wheelhouse and gain a whole other room.

Fully designed and manufactured by Nottingham Boat Co. The New Neptune Barge 2.0 provides you with a 1300mm x 600mm front hatch giving you access to the bow.

The steps are above the water line and the well deck has a drain channel that automatically drains rain water.

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Please note: the starting prices as per the spec sheet, refer to a 60ft x 12ft Neptune vessel. Any changes in design, layout, and sizes may incur in extra costs. Images are for representational purposes only.

Prices/spec sheets accurate as of October 2018, we reserve the right to alter prices/spec sheets in line with supplier charges and rates at any time. Full T&Cs apply - please see our full terms and conditions