The traditional look combined with modern technology. Narrowboats are the quintessential canal vessel.

With the ability to travel anywhere, Narrowboats offer the ultimate freedom to explore. With the traditional look that never tires, narrowboats deliver the quintessential waterways experience. Their origins reside in traditional working craft, yet the narrowboat of today represents a significant improvement on the vessels of old.

Modern technology, careful thought, and meticulous planning go into each and every one of our narrowboats, each perfectly tailored to suit its purpose.

Given that space is at a premium aboard a narrowboat, the design of the interior must maximize the space available to make it the most useable boat possible. It is through attention to detail and listening to customer requirements that make life aboard one of our boats a sublime, stress-free experience.


A modern rethink of the original Narrowboat. Ideal for liveaboard and cruising the waterways.


A cruiser style Narrowboat. The Swan and her open bow deck is the most classical vessel out there.


Like a Swan on a smaller scale, and with the internal bedroom space of the Dynasty, she is the best of both worlds.

Please note: the starting prices as per the spec sheets, refer to the specified starting sizes. Any changes in design, layout, and sizes may incur in extra costs. We do not build Narrowboats shorter than 50ft.

Prices/spec sheets accurate as of October 2018, we reserve the right to alter prices/spec sheets in line with supplier charges and rates at any time. Full T&Cs apply - please see our full terms and conditions.