The Galaxy Wide Beam

Where to go

What you gain in space you will lose in cruising opportunities. Wide beams can only cruise so far in the canals and river network. There are four main areas in which you can cruise with a wide beam in UK: London and the South, The Norfolk Broads, the River Trent leading to the North, and The River Severn.

Because of their doubled width in comparison to a Narrowboat, Wide beams offer more flexibility in terms of interior design. An intelligent use of the space can guarantee plenty of storage areas.

Enjoy the space

The roof, often almost completely flat, can become a temporary seating area or even a sun deck.

Wide beams can easily be turned into business areas: floating restaurants, cafes, and canteens. Galleries and art studios, even beauty salons to give your business that “something more”.

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Please note: the starting price as per the spec sheet, refers to a 60ft x 12.6ft Galaxy vessel. Any changes in design, layout, and sizes may incur in extra costs. Images are for representational purposes only.

Prices/spec sheets accurate as of April 2019, we reserve the right to alter prices/spec sheets in line with supplier charges and rates at any time. Full T&Cs apply - please see our full terms and conditions