Titan the Dutch Barge

Exquisite craft. The perfect combination of traditional charm and liveable practicality.

Originally from the Netherlands, Barges are commonly known to be large and flat-bottomed boats. Truly, anything wider than a Narrowboat, can technically be classified as a Barge, however, normally the term is used for vessels that go above a regular Wide Beam size. Their main purpose was the transportation of cargo with only a small portion being used as living quarters.

Nowadays Barges can easily replace homes because of their sizes and the high level of customisation that can rival regular houses.

Barges for most are the cream of the crop. These boats ooze charm and sophistication. The craftsmanship that goes into forming the steel of the hull is matched by the attention to detail of the interior design.

Dutch Barge style Canal Boats

Our best-selling range of Dutch Barge style Boats always available as an option.


Flat bottom and a square stern. The Jupiter has an incredible presence on the waterways, bound to make anybody glance at her.


Modern redesign of the more classical Barges, the Neptune is built with a beautiful round stern. Appreciating the canals and rivers has never been easier.


The Barge with a β€œtwist”. Fully designed in 3D, the chine hull is her best feature to help with manoeuvrability and getting closer to the bank.

Steel Boat Kits

If you have ever wished to take on the project of building your dream boat from the very ground up, this is the perfect opportunity. Start with a Steel Boat Kit.