How we manage your data

We set the following category of cookies;

XSRF cookies

These cookies are set as a security measure. They are a necessary measure to reduce the liklehood of a type of cyberattack called a Cross-site request forgery.

You are not identifiable from this cookie as it is pseudonymous. This cookie is vital to the safe functioning of this site. It is not possible to use this site without this cookie. As such, this cookie cannot be rejected and will still be set even if you click the reject cookies button. If this cookie is not present, our server will reject your connection to our website. This is a transient cookie and will be erased once you leave this site.

Session Cookies and session variables

These are set to organise your visit to the site. For example, the options you select on our configurator are stored in session variables in order for the configurator to function. Without these we cannot provide the services we provide on the website, as such it is not possible to reject the use of these cookies and variables and still use the site. These will still be set even if you click the reject

cookies button. All of these are transient and will be erased once you leave this site.

Analytics Cookies

As per most websites, We use analytics packages such as Google analytics to gain an insight as to how you interact with this site. We don’t collect this information for nefarious reasons, we are constantly working on making this the best possible website for people interested in sailaway boats.

Without this information we can’t see what features are useful to you and what are not. All the analytics data collected is anonymous and cannot be used to identify you. This information is incredibly useful to us to make this website as good as it can possibly be. These cookies and variables are optional. If you click reject cookies, these will not be set, your interations with the website will not be analysed and your visit wont allow us to improve our website.

General data management

When you save a configuration on our configurator, we necessarily store your information so you can retrieve your configuration at a later date. This information includes the name you provided us along with your email address. We also store your configuration preferences under a reference code provided to you. If you wish to excercise your rights under the GDPR “right to be forgotten” then email us at and ALL your personally identifiable data will be deleted from all our systems without unnecessary delay.