Level of fit-out

Once we create a basic floor plan for your new boat, we can then discuss what is the level of fit-out you are looking for.

We design, then build our boats from start to finish. If required, we can advise you at the design stage, using scale 2D & 3D images. We are here to help you plan a build to any stage.



Steel Boat Kits

We know what your new boat will look like. We know where your rooms will be and therefore we know where to cut your windows. All you have to do now is weld it yourself.

If you have ever wished to take on the project of building your dream boat from the very ground up, this is the perfect opportunity. Start with a Steel Boat Kit.

representational only

representational only

Save hundreds of hours to weld your own boat thanks to the accuracy of the preliminary job we have done for your kit:

  • numbered parts

  • parts cut to tolerance and to the correct size and shape

  • 1-at-a-time job process, meaning you can start from the base plate up



Boat Shells

Not a fan of DIY welding your own boat? No problem. You can purchase a boat shell made by Nottingham Boat Co and start from there.

We will provide you with a boat shell fully assembled, what you do with it afterwards it’s totally up to you.

At this stage you will know how to ballast, batten, insulate, even paint your own boat. Otherwise, proceed to the next step.

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One level up of fit-out will get you a Sailaway. An empty canvas to allow you the freedom of truly fitting your own boat from scratch.

Ready to be put in the water, Sailaways usually come battened, spray foam insulated, blacked, they have floor boards, and basic equipment.

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The Sailaway+ is an example of a boat that has been lined for you, also the wiring loom has been fitted behind the walls and ceiling boards for you according to your plan.

At this stage you can add possibly troublesome particulars like electrics and/or plumbing. Simply ask us about possible additions that we can fit for you.

representational only

representational only



Fully Fitted

Top of the range, embrace the full Nottingham Boat Co experience by letting us design, build, and fit your dream boat.

Our customers who choose us to build their boats, will have the opportunity to sit down with our experienced CAD designers and work through their requirements in 3D. This will give them an unprecedented level of vision and feel for the final product: the boat of their dreams.

Jupiter - 387 - 53.jpg

Fancy a session with our designing team?

We also offer 3D CAD sessions* with our designing team if you are not ready yet to commit but wish to start seeing your dream boat taking shape.

Examples of what we can do for you.

Price for a session start from £42 p/h.

*only fully fitted boats.

“We are very excited to announce that after months of planning, we are now in the position to start building our welding workshop and have the go-ahead to build our own steel shells at RED HILL MARINA, NOTTINGHAMSHIRE. This fantastic news will add to the level of quality and customer service we can offer.”

— Les Robinson, MD